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Bladder Health

Bladder health relates to normal control of urination without pain, discomfort, or threat to the kidneys. Abnormal voiding can be seen in both neurologically intact and impaired individuals.

Bladder health disturbances can affect both men and women at various ages. Problems with bladder control can include failure to store urine (incontinence), failure to empty urine (urinary retention), urinary frequency and urgency (overactive bladder) with and without pain (painful bladder syndrome/ Interstitial cystitis). On occasion, urinary tract infection or bladder cancer can be the cause of abnormal voiding. In women, bladder drop (cystocele) and other pelvic organ prolapse problems can lead to urination difficulties. In men, benign prostate disease, urethral stricture, and less commonly prostate cancer can be the cause of urinary symptoms.

Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute headed by Dr Angelo Gousse diagnoses and treats neurologic disorders, such as lumbar sacral disc disease, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and pelvic trauma that may be the cause of voiding difficulties. Bladder control problems can be further evaluated by a specialized test called urodynamics. Urodynamic testing, along with a voiding diary, can play a significant role in the diagnosis of the exact problem. Proper diagnosis by an experienced clinician is the key to success when managing bladder control problems. Successful treatment of bladder control problems significantly improves quality of life. Setting realistic goals and expectations is important in order to ensure patient satisfaction.

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